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CSAT Plans Capacity, Technology Investments

The Czech MRO is investing in base maintenance, component segments along with increasing its IT focus.

Czech Airlines Technics (CSAT) plans to roll out several investments over the next year across its maintenance operation, including additions to its base maintenance and parts repair divisions along with upgrades to its IT infrastructure.

Pavel Hales, chairman of the board of directors, Czech Airlines Technics, says its component maintenance operation receives regular annual investments for equipment renewal and this will continue in future.

Having opened its new line maintenance base in Prague in March of this year, Hales says it is also planning a hangar for base maintenance at the Czech capital’s Václav Havel Airport. Base maintenance services account for more than half of CSAT’s revenues. Following the addition of A320neo and 737 MAX line maintenance services in recent years, expansions to existing base maintenance and component services should soon follow, Hales adds.

As it seeks greater efficiencies in its shops, CSAT has also prioritized upgrades to its IT setup. “Next year, we will invest in the RFID technologies and continue in stages, purchase new software for job and human resources planning and invest in mobile devices, alongside other projects.”

The past three years have seen investments in machinery, including grinding and shot peening machines, along with four complete sets of spare landing gear sets. “In 2019, we will also invest in a painting box and in other machines to ensure that we provide our customers with even higher quality and shorter turnaround times,” Hales adds.

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