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Cybersecurity Defenses Require Attention To Detail

To prevent intrusions and data breaches, aerospace companies need to follow the same tested cybersecurity protocols as other businesses.

Printed headline: Top 10 Cybersecurity Tips


1. Layer Security. A firewall is a minor obstacle for determined hackers, so multiple layers of security are needed, including system segregation and ultimately data encryption.

2. Encrypt All Data. Data encryption has become increasingly affordable and powerful. It is the last line of defense against hackers, and airlines and other aviation companies accordingly should aim to encrypt all data, whether it be on aircraft, ground systems or mobile devices. Furthermore, control of encryption keys must be secured.

3. Monitor Suppliers. Malware can be embedded in systems coming new out of the factory, so the cybersecurity of key suppliers is almost as important as one’s own.

4. Control Mobile Devices. Access on company devices must be controlled by a solid mobile device-management system, while companies must be aware that allowing staff to use personal devices at work massively increases security risks.

5. Search for Weak Spots. Employ experts to identify IT vulnerabilities before hackers do.

6. Use AI. Artificial intelligence can detect probes of data before a successful cyberattack.

7. Know Your Data. It is essential to keep tabs on all the data generated and stored by your company, where it is, who owns it, how valuable it is and where and how often it is backed up. You need all of this to set your data-protection priorities.

8. Secure Cloud Data. Don’t just delegate security for company data stored in the cloud to the cloud provider. Also ensure security of data while it is being transmitted to and from the cloud. Data can be hacked in transmission as well as in storage.

9. Maintain Physical Security. Control who has access to data centers or other critical IT infrastructure and restrict the use of USB drives and other storage devices in such places.

10. Communicate and Enforce Data Security. A meticulous data-protection policy is useless unless it is followed by everyone involved with data. Hold managers accountable for compliance in their departments. 





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