Cyient Could Look To North America, Europe For MRO Expansion

Cyient Could Look To North America, Europe For MRO Expansion

Indian engineering specialist acquired Pratt & Whitney Services Singapore repair site in 2015.

Indian engineering specialist Cyient would consider expanding its aftermarket footprint into North America or Europe should the right opportunity arise.

The company has looked to grow in the segment after acquiring Singapore-based Pratt & Whitney Global Engineering Services Asia in July 2015, a facility specializing in the repair of aero gas turbine engine components.

Anand Parameswaran, Cyient’s senior vice president - aerospace and defense, said any moves to expand in the continents would be measured on whether or not there was a strategic case.

“The MRO markets in North America and Europe are quite mature with some established players,” he said.“If we are able to find interesting things to do then we will look into setting up a North American or European center - but it all depends on if there is a unique value to take to the market.”

Eighteen months after Cyient bought the Singapore facility, Parameswaran estimated that around 95% of work at the center is on Pratt engine types.

But he believes that in the next few years, non-Pratt engines could be coming to the center for repair work.

“We are looking to grow the team as our intent is to seek opportunities for repair and development for customers outside of Pratt,” he said. Parameswaran added: “We’d like to see the Singapore facility become a repair and development hub long-term, whether that’s in engines or any other structures.”

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