DAE Expands Leasing, MRO In Tandem

Capability additions and an acquisition grow the Dubai-based company's portfolio.

Middle Eastern MRO provider Joramco has added a heavy check capability for the Boeing 787 to its service offer.

The Amman-based company can now provide EASA Part 145-approved C Checks for the 787 from its five-hangar facility at in Queen Alia International Airport.

It had received FAA and Jordanian approvals earlier in the year.

"Adding the B787 C check to the JCARC and FAA approvals is part of our ongoing efforts to develop Joramco's airframe capabilities and expand our service offerings to our customers who are operating the next generation of aircraft," Joramco CEO Jeff Wilkinson.

Wilkinson previously worked for Eithad Engineering, where he oversaw the Middle East’s first 787 C Check in 2015

Now at Joramco, he promises more aircraft maintenance approvals to follow the 787 announcement. This will make Joramco another prong in the aviation advance of DAE, its Dubai-based owner.

Another subsidiary, DAE Capital, has become one of the largest lessors in the world following its acquisition of AWAS.

There is a pleasing symmetry in the growth of the two subsidiaries: in April DAE Capital delivered its first 787 to Gulf Air. The Bahraini flag carrier had agreed to take five 787-9s from DAE Capital.

“This achievement [EASA 787 C Check approval] reflects DAE’s goal of developing a regionally-based world class competitive MRO and services platform to complement its top tier leasing platform,” said DAE CEO Firoz Tarapore.

Adding 787 capabilities is also a smart move given the aircraft’s popularity in the region: Qatar Airways, Etihad, Saudia, Oman Air and Royal Jordanian all operate the 787 and have many more on order.

Joramco will also eye operators further afield since widebody maintenance is not as geographically restricted as it is for narrowbodies.

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