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Desser Acquires Rotable Repairs

The aircraft tires and tubes provider looks to expand its global footprint with growing international operations.

Aircraft tires and tubes provider Desser has acquired UK-based Rotable Repairs in a move to further expand its global footprint. Rotable Repairs, which provides wheel and brake MRO services, is headquartered near London’s Southend Airport and has operations reaching across Europe and other international destinations.

Rotable Repairs will join Desser’s other UK-based property, Watts Aviation, which it acquired in 2015. Watts Aviation’s aircraft tire distribution operations, located in Gloucestershire, England, will work together with Rotable Repairs to provide a more complete wheel and brake package to customers, helping to reduce costs for customers due to the closeness of the facilities.

Jeff Johnston, Chief Executive of Desser Holdings, LLC, says the acquisition will enhance the company’s value proposition. “The combined synergies of Watts-Rotable Repairs will enable us to provide greater value, improved logistics, and increased capacity for our customers and adds specialized valued services such as cost per landing and other cost saving programs which will be available for regional and airline customers,” he stated.

While Desser won’t have much involvement in the day-to-day business of Rotable Repairs, according to Rotable’s sales and marketing director Bryan Croft, the acquisition will bring new, bespoke facilities and equipment. Croft says Rotable Repairs is looking at moving into a 30,000-35,000 sq. ft. building within the next 18 months. Currently, the company’s facilities consist of a 17,500 sq. ft. campus housing workshops, storage space, and sales and administrative offices. Watts Aviation will also be moving to larger facilities in the near future.

According to Ken Faire, vice president of sales and marketing for Desser, the acquisition is part of the company’s long term plans to expand distribution globally. In addition to the expansion in Europe, Desser is in the process of opening a tire warehouse in Australia and considering other expansion plans within the country.

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