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"Different Thinking" Required For Airline, MRO Warehousing

Sakher Haddadin Etihad Airways Engineering believes some airlines and MRO warehousing operations fall behind those of other industries.

Having worked on projects with MROs and airlines throughout his career, Etihad Airways’ head of logistics Sakher Haddadin identifies “a huge problem” with the aviation industry’s logistics and warehousing operations.

“It’s nice to talk about big data, predictive maintenance and new technologies, but if supply chain and logistics operations cannot deliver a part at the right time and in the right place, then this is a major problem,” he told a panel at MRO Europe in London on Oct. 5.

Despite many airlines holding large amount of inventory and often doing so in modern hangars, Haddadin believes some of the facilities operating today aren’t up to in comparison to those operated by e-commerce giant Amazon and retailer Tesco. “These warehouses are organized with barcoding and RFID, whereas I’ve seen firsthand the lack of these technologies in the warehouses of some airlines and MROs.”

Haddadin believes MROs and airline maintenance divisions need to look at different approaches in order to enhance their warehousing setups.

One of these methods, he feels, is closer co-operation between airlines and MROs with specialist logistics firms. “Logistics companies typically look at things in a different way and their input can bring about a lot of value,” he says.

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