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A Digital Linkup To Ensure Compliance And Safety

Aeroco connects its competence management system to customer’s own system.

Regulatory authorities generally place the first responsibility for ensuring safe aviation on airlines themselves, with both regulators and airlines then examining critical suppliers, such as the MROs that airlines outsource critical maintenance work to. The UK’s Aeroco Group has taken a step toward making its airline customers’ review of Aeroco employees’ training and competence easier, faster, less expensive and more accurate.

Aeroco uses ELMS, a digital competence management system, to manage its mechanics’ competence, training and experience records. It has now connected its competence data digitally with the ELMS tool used by an important customer, Jet2.com. The connection will give Jet2.com oversight and visibility of Aeroco personnel competence and increase the efficiency of what had been a burdensome process.

Like other MROs, Aeroco is obliged to give customers personnel competence data to satisfy compliance obligations. “Historically, this has been done on request via email or the production of paper-based records,” notes Aeroco Executive Director Jonathan Bird. Now Jet2.com gets digital and direct on-demand access to all necessary training, qualification and experience data.

Once Aeroco’s processes and procedures had been updated, Bird says it took little effort to configure the connection between the MRO and Jet2.com. The airline now has greatly enhanced oversight and control of compliance and competencies in its supply chain. Jet2.com Director of Engineering & Maintenance Chris Hubbard says he is “delighted” that Aeroco has invested in the connection to support his leisure carrier’s business. Bird expects the linkup will also reduce the time required for deployment of Aeroco’s resources and will satisfy capability and compliance requirements before maintenance work commences.

The MRO is already considering extending the connection to other customers. “Most definitely,” Bird stresses, “We’re already in that process.” However, these extensions are only possible when the customer also uses the ELMS application.

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