Duncan Aviation battery shop in Lincoln, Nebraska Duncan Aviation

Duncan Aviation Expands MRO Facilities

The company is adding square footage, staff and new capabilities for battery servicing, painting and a host of other MRO services for business aircraft.

Business aircraft MRO provider Duncan Aviation is growing its footprint in the U.S. with multiple new facility expansions that will add new capabilities and staff.

In February, Duncan Aviation more than doubled its aircraft battery shop space at its Lincoln, Nebraska location, which has seen growing demand for in-house battery service since it added two new maintenance hangars in 2014. The shop services approximately 85-100 batteries each week, performing capacity checks, testing and maintenance for what it says is every aircraft battery in service on business aircraft flying today.

The shop’s expansion to 1,400 ft.2 was enabled through what Duncan Aviation says was some shuffling of avionics, instruments services and accessory work to other locations at the Lincoln site. In addition to the added square footage, the shop has added a new battery cooler, twice as much bench space and new advanced test sets. According to the company, the expansion has allowed the battery team to improve safety and increase productivity with streamlined production processes. 

Meanwhile, Duncan Aviation is gearing up to open a new paint complex in April at its Provo, Utah location. The 53,000 ft.2 paint facility is part of the company’s ongoing project to build a new MRO complex at the Provo Municipal Airport, which will offer nose-to-tail services including airframe and engine maintenance, avionics installations, paint and interior refurbishment, non-destructive testing and parts support.

Duncan Aviation

The new paint complex will feature a two-zone airflow system that will allow paint teams to strip, sand, paint and perform detail work on multiple aircraft simultaneously. The complex will employ more than a dozen paint team members from Duncan Aviation’s existing paint facilities in Lincoln and Battle Creek, Michigan—which expanded paint capabilities in 2014 and 2007, respectively.

According to Duncan Aviation, the additional capacity will give it the capability to paint up to 225 aircraft per year, including the largest models in use today such as the Bombardier Global Express, Dassault Falcon 7X and Gulfstream 550.

Both the new paint facility and the MRO complex’s new Hangar 1 are scheduled for completion in Q1 2019, with Hangar 2 scheduled for completion by Q2 2019. By the end of the project—which is slated for Q2 2020—Duncan Aviation plans to finish back shops and offices as well as hire a total of 256 team members.

Duncan Aviation has been providing maintenance capabilities in Provo for close to a decade, but a spokesperson for the company says it is always investing back into its facilities and people. The company’s overall investment in the expansion is more than $70 million.

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