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EASA Approves ATR A Check Extension

Under the new certification, the turboprop manufacturer has extended the intervals between the type A maintenance checks on all its aircraft types.

Turboprop aircraft maker ATR has received certification from EASA to extend the intervals between type A maintenance checks from 500 to 750 hours.

The ruling by Europe’s regulator covers all ATR aircraft types and represents a 50% increase in intervals. Toulouse-based ATR said the extension will help operators achieve reduced maintenance costs and increased aircraft availability amounting to one additional day every 1,500 flight hours.

“This certification reflects the robust maintenance policies and procedures that we have worked to put in place,” ATR’s SVP programs and customer service Tom Anderson said on Monday (Feb. 25).

Following the extension, Anderson stated that ATR will now look to increase intervals on C checks on its aircraft types, which number more than 1,200 globally.

ATR’s aftermarket base is located at its site adjacent to Toulouse-Blagnac Airport. In October 2018, it opened a new customer care center at the location aimed bolstering its aircraft technical operations.

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