EASA Certifies Trent 1000 Engine.jpg Rolls-Royce

EASA Certifies Trent 1000 Ten Engine

Rolls-Royce engine will power all variants of the Boeing 787.

European regulator EASA has certified Rolls-Royce’s forthcoming Trent 1000 TEN engine.

The engine type, which incorporates technologies from in-service engines such as the Trent XWB, will power all variants of the Boeing 787.

The full flight certification, announced by Rolls-Royce on Aug. 18, came after the first Trent 1000s were delivered to Boeing’s assembly lines in Seattle in May 2017.

The engine’s entry into service is expected sometime before the end of this year.

Dave Taylor, Rolls-Royce, chief engineer for Trent 1000, said: the approval marks “another critical step” in the British engine maker’s journey delivery of additional capability and new technology for the 787.

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