EASA Mandates CFM Leap-1B Software Upgrade

The airworthiness directive issued by the European regulator for the narrowbody engine will be effective Nov. 27.

About a month after issuing requirements to upgrade software on CFM International Leap-1A engines, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has mandated similar actions for the -1B variant due to similar designs.

The airworthiness directive, effective Nov. 27, requires updating the electronic engine control (EEC) and engine health monitoring software as described in a CFM service bulletin issued Oct. 24, or issue 002 dated Oct. 30.

The original Leap-1A airworthiness directive (AD) stems from issues Frontier Airlines had in January with its A320neo engines during extreme cold, when they would reach the required thrust while taxiing after sitting idle overnight. The airline reported this happened six times during cold temperatures. CFM addressed the issue in January and issued a service bulletin in July.

The latest AD, which EASA posted on Nov. 20, follows a proposed directive for the Leap-1B AD dated Nov. 2 that didn’t receive any feedback during the comment period.

Leap-1B engines power Boeing 737-8 and -9 aircraft. The -1A engines power Airbus A320neos.

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