EASA, Ukraine Begin Airworthiness Project

European regulator first confirmed intention to ready the country for participation in its activities in January 2017.

EASA has started a three-year project with the Ukrainian aviation administrator aimed at implementing European Union airworthiness rules as the country transitions to the necessary requirements to participate in the European regulator’s activities.

State Aviation Administration of Ukraine (SAAU) agreed the cooperation with the European Commission in January 2017, with the project focusing on the development and implementation of first a convergence document, setting out mutual aviation framework, followed by dual input into technical activities of initial and continuing airworthiness. The convergence document is anticipated for implementation in the third quarter of 2017.

Along with the aligning of regulations, EASA said activities will also include a series of competency development activities such as awareness raising, workshops, training, peer-to-peer exchanges and on the spot support in the field of airworthiness.

"This support from the EASA side constitutes the significant factor for the development of competencies and capacities of the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine in the field of airworthiness, especially in the framework of the implementation of the EU standards in the aviation domain,” said Alexandr Bilchuk, chairman of the SAAU.

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