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Eaton Expands Repair Service For Aircraft Ducting And Tubing

Eaton is offering airlines and MROs an alternative to costly replacements of damaged ducting and tubing parts.

Power management company Eaton is expanding the duct and tube repair portion of its aerospace business by adding additional capability for more complex repairs. The company says the new repair service can provide 50% or more in cost reductions.

Through the new service, customers can send Eaton a damaged duct or tube and it will be evaluated, repaired and tested in 15 days or less. If a repair is too complex to complete in 15 days, the company’s exchange program will provide a spare part to customers to avoid additional downtime. Eaton says the full-service offering will reduce aircraft downtime and can save as much as $50,000 compared to replacing damaged parts. Through the company’s rotable stocking strategy, turnaround times can be as short as five days.

According to Mark Schmidt, vice president of Eaton’s aftermarket business, customers are increasingly demanding repairs instead of replacement products, so the company’s repair service will be available on all duct and tube products regardless of the original manufacturer.

Repairs are performed in Eaton’s FAA/CAAC/EASA-certified repair station in Beltsville, Maryland. The company’s test and inspection processes include radiographic inspection, fluorescent penetrant inspection, and static and flow testing using mediums such as water, air and Skydrol. Eaton says typical repairs include straight or elbow sections of ducts and complex components, such as flexible joints and brackets.

In addition to repairing commercial and military ducts for more than a decade, Eaton also repairs other aerospace products, including fuel and hydraulic pumps, seals, and a variety of actuation sensing and oil debris monitoring systems.

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