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Envision Goes Mobile

Developer Rusada sees further expansion of the application's offline abilities.

Modern data-driven maintenance requires that data can be entered and displayed wherever techs and engineers are, in hangars, on the tarmac, in offices or even on travel or in remote locations. The best MRO software has thus been emphasizing mobility on a variety of personal devices.  

MRO software-maker Rusada launched the latest version of its Envision application in 2017. This nGen version gives users a simpler and easier-to-use interface for accessing and managing information, while still meeting the complex demands of aircraft maintenance. “For 2018, we will be building on the capabilities enabled by the new technology and will help our clients with a number of dedicated mobile applications,” explains Marketing Head Michael Flannigan.

The latest nGen release of Envision is inherently mobile, as it uses the latest web technologies along with native mobile applications to deliver a device-agnostic solution. And Rusada will continue to expanding Envision’s offline capabilities to meet customer needs.

Envision already supports electronic signatures. Rusada is a member of ATA e-business forum and continually reviews its software for compatibility with new standards for both capturing and exchanging digitized maintenance information.

Envision offers an integrated suite of modules for managing engineering, maintenance, repair and overhaul for both operators and MROs. In total, Envision is now used by more than 100 airlines, rotor operators, third-party MROs and OEMs globally.

Flannigan stresses that the software, in addition to supporting maintenance transactions, provides information to maintenance and engineering teams to assist decision-making and thus improves maintenance efficiency. “The system is workflow-driven and provides a level of configurability that was not possible with legacy applications.”

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