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Etihad Airways Engineering Ups Third-Party Work

Abu Dhabi-based MRO has been aggressively pursuing third-party work over the past few years.

FARNBOROUGH – Etihad Airways Engineering has seen a large increase in its percentage of maintenance work for third-party operators in the first six months of 2018, having adopted an aggressive strategy to seek out contracts with non-Etihad operators.

CEO Abdul Khaliq Saeed says the in-house Etihad fleet, totalling around 115 aircraft, has accounted for an average of 25% to 26% of its work throughout this year, with the remaining share of around 75% comprised of other operators’ aircraft.

This figures represents a sharp turnaround in just one year; in 2017, Saeed estimates that Etihad-third-party represented a 40%-60% split respectively. 

“The Etihad work has remained constant with the same number of aircraft, but we have been able to attract more third-parties to our facilities and we’ve been able to focus making sure these customers return again,” he says.

Saeed says Etihad has adopted a global approach, where instead of focusing on specific regions, it has kept an open mind towards working with customers from all areas of the world, ranging from carriers in Africa and Latin America along with customers in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

While being situated between Europe and Asia and in close proximity to Africa is advantageous, Saeed says airlines from further afield have selected to work with Etihad. "Carriers like LATAM have flown to our Abu Dhabi hangar from Chile for the past three years", he says.

Etihad provides a mix of airframe and component services, along with offerings for materials, logistics, cabin modifications and paint work. 

Read a full interview with Etihad Airways Engineering CEO Abdul Khaliq Saeed in the August issue of Inside MRO.

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