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FAA Advisory Spotlights Haeco Cabin Systems Seat Issues

Operators urged to follow service bulletins.

Operators with certain Haeco Americas cabin seating are being urged to implement annual inspections to prevent cracks in seat-back welds from progressing to complete failures.

FAA, in a special airworthiness information bulletin, alerted operators of "numerous reports of cracking found from the seat back frame to the cross tube weld of the seating system" in Haeco Cabin Solutions seats and seating systems. The bulletin does not specify which seats are affected.

FAA's bulletin calls out the Airbus A330-300 and Boeing 777F as aircraft that have the seats, but says there could be other models. It does not provide details on affected seat models.

Haeco issued seven service bulletins earlier this year outlining recommended annual inspections and, for seats with large enough cracks, replacement instructions. FAA's bulletin recommends that operators follow Haeco's service instructions.

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