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FACC Partners with Proponent to Target Aftermarket Growth

To grow FACC’s recently-established Aftermarket Services business segment, the two companies will work together to provide and market new MRO products and repair services.

FACC is seeking to grow its new Aftermarket Services business segment through a strategic cooperation with aircraft parts distributor Proponent. The company is aiming to reach a sales target of 100 million euros by fiscal year 2022/23 by offering what it says will be innovative new products and MRO services.

Best known as a component manufacturer and technology provider, FACC introduced aftermarket services as a new business area in 2018. At the time, FACC CEO Robert Machtlinger said the company saw great potential in repair and maintenance due to the increasing composite share in aircraft and 200% growth in MRO at its U.S. location in Wichita, Kansas. The Wichita site expanded its facilities in summer 2018 with 65,000 sq. ft. of additional space and new staff and capabilities, such as added paint capability and a composite repair shop to accommodate larger composite systems.

Under the cooperation with Proponent, FACC is hoping to leverage the distributor’s large international customer base that includes OEMs, MROs and airlines. In addition to helping FACC market and sell its MRO products and services for aircraft upgrades and modifications, Proponent will provide replacement parts for new heavy repair services FACC will offer on structural components.

“Our partner Proponent gives us the opportunity to offer customers complex technical services in our growing Aftermarket Services business segment from a single provider—with proven quality when it comes to providing innovative solutions in an attractive working environment with short turnaround times,” says Christian Mundigler, VP Aftermarket Services, FACC.

According to FACC, a number of joint projects between the two companies are already underway. One such project is the commercialization of FACC’s Passenger Luggage Space Upgrade—a cabin solution developed to significantly increase luggage stowage space via retrofit for Airbus A318, A319, A320 and A321 models. The project, which received supplemental type certificate approval from EASA in late January 2019, involves modified overhead stowage compartments that can fit up to five hand luggage cases rather than three. FACC says the retrofit can be installed in just a few hours.

FACC entered into a similar cooperation with Alaris Aerospace Systems last year to help with marketing and distribution for the newly-established Aftermarket Services segment, which is currently ongoing. A spokesperson for FACC says these partnerships are key to growing the segment and setting up new business opportunities.

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