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Fast 5: Extended Embraer Services A Possibility For LOTAMS In Budapest

After opening a new Budapest base for 787 line maintenance earlier this month, Polish MRO LOTAMS is already looking at adding new services, says its VP commercial Rafal Momot.

LOTAMS has opened a new base in Budapest for line maintenance. Why was Budapest selected as your latest location?

Quite simply, we must expand this area of our activities so that we remain competitive as an MRO. LOT Polish Airlines, one of our key customers, decided to launch direct flights from Budapest to the U.S., flying to Chicago and New York six times a week. Given LOTAMS provides line and heavy maintenance for Boeing 787, it was a natural step that we were chosen to provides technical services for this type of aircraft.

How did LOTAMS go about setting up the base before it started operating on May 3?

We started to set up our base in Budapest at the end of 2017. During these few months we had to choose a convenient place for our headquarters, select the appropriate staff, equip the base, and confirm agreed terms of cooperation with Ferenc Liszt Airport and Aeroplex, a local technical provider with which we look forward to a long-term and fruitful cooperation.

What is the nature of the agreement with Hungarian MRO Aeroplex, and how did this partnership begin?

Aeroplex, as a service organization operating in Hungary, has been supporting LOTAMS from the beginning of May 2018 - since the official opening of the LOTAMS Budapest base. The partnership with Aeroplex concerns mainly logistic security while servicing Boeing 787. The Hungarian company also supports LOTAMS in some other minor activities and processes.

Will LOTAMS be looking to capture work from third party airlines at Budapest?

In the near future, we plan to expand our maintenance services in Budapest - to hire more employees and to service other airlines that operate on Embraer and of course, Boeing 787 aircraft. The Embraer aircraft provides good opportunities as we’ve been an authorized service center for the OEM since 2012, the only one in Central and Eastern Europe. It may be a very interesting opportunity for airlines that are planning to start their operations directly from Budapest.

What other services will you be looking to add to the Budapest base?

At the moment, we are servicing the Boeing 787 for line maintenance and we are considering extending our offer with the Embraer 170/190 service in the nearest future. In the case of Budpest Fernc Liszt airport, we would like to offer services that will be complementary to those of Aeroplex. Together we can provide complex technical services and new opportunities, correlated with the development of the market. Our main goal is a long-term partnership that will also be beneficial for the development of Fernc Liszt airport.  

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