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Fast 5: SR Technics Sees Opportunity In Competitive Aftermarket

SR Technics CEO Jeremy Remacha details how the independent Swiss MRO plans to streamline its domestic operations and grow its Asia-Pacific footprint.

OEM incursion into the aftermarket is happening on an increasingly fast scale. Does this fact present more challenges or opportunities to a company like SR Technics?

Over the past few years, the MRO market has seen some strong competition and OEMs are providing more and more aftermarket services. Our key focus is on delivering exceptional performance and tailored solutions that add real value. We are well-positioned to strengthen our partnership with OEMs, and we believe this will provide interesting opportunities for us.

What are some of the biggest challenges around operating in today’s market when placed against competitors?

In today’s market, where everyone is looking for value-added services, cost remains a major driver. As an MRO, we face challenges similar to those of our customers: in order to remain competitive, we need to focus on lean processes, cost efficiency and bringing new, affordable solutions to the market. Airlines are increasingly running extremely rigorous campaigns in order to obtain lower prices, while at the same time seeking to avoid maintenance delays that can trigger costly passenger compensations.

How do independent MROs such as yourselves plan to navigate the future?

We are well positioned to grow our business, strengthening our partnerships with OEMs and other suppliers and bringing new innovative MRO solutions on the market. We also acknowledge the need to be agile. We work closely with our customers to identify their needs and concerns so that we can develop solutions that add real value. 

Where do you foresee the best markets for SR Technics in future?

We plan to expand our operations and global footprint where we can bring the most value. Our key focus is on ensuring we have the right capabilities to deliver exceptional performance to our clients that have trusted us with their business. We are also continuously evaluating new market opportunities to strengthen our global presence, especially in the fast developing Asia-Pacific market.

Will the company adapt further in order to remain competitive?

Being flexible is important for any business that wishes to remain competitive over time. From our perspective, we are continuously reviewing our processes to identify new ways to make us leaner, more efficient and more competitive on the global market, while maintaining a high level of quality. This has involved optimizing our operations in Zurich but we are also looking to expand internationally to be closer to our global customers. Zurich remains our home base and the center of excellence for cabin modifications, and since our engine business is growing, we are actively recruiting new technical personnel to join our engine shop in Zurich.

Read more insights about independent MRO strategies in the August issue of Inside MRO.

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