FEAM Launches Tech Service With Russian Cargo Carrier.jpg FEAM Maintenance & Engineering

FEAM Launches Tech Service With Russian Cargo Carrier

U.S. maintenance specialist's service covers a broad portfolio of support offerings.

Partly due increased pressure to cut carriers’ unnecessary costs, opportunities are opening up for a much wider range of MRO support from third parties. Line MRO specialist FEAM Maintenance & Engineering recently launched a Technical Services offering that will cover a broad portfolio of support options.

In mid-January, FEAM completed its first job under the new offering for Air Bridge Cargo, the Volga-Dnepr Group airline that flies 18 Boeing freighters between Russia, Asia, Europe and, in the U. S., Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Anchorage and Atlanta. The Group has its own maintenance arm in Russia, Europe and the Middle East, so FEAM is clearly bringing important capabilities to the table.

Geographical reach, technical expertise and professional relationships built up over 25 years justified the new offering, according to business development manager Scott Diaz. In addition, “operators and asset managers are becoming more inclined to look for on-demand solutions to concentrate on their core businesses.” 

”We can offer customers entire lifecycle technical management of airframes and engines,” Diaz explains. This includes project maintenance, event management, fleet management, liaison for asset managers, end-of life advice, maintenance bridge planning, help on lease returns and re-deliveries, pre-purchase inspections, and managing technical records. FEAM engineers will thus work with operators or other asset managers before, during or after actual aircraft operation.

Diaz says FEAM can begin this new business with its existing managers, which will grow as its network grows. The new unit will be managed out of Miami Headquarters but will use FEAM staff in 28 U.S. cities, a count that is increasing steadily.

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