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First Comac ARJ21 Completes Crosswind Testing

The aircraft underwent testing in Iceland as a result of a partnership between the OEM and AJW Group.

The first Comac ARJ21 regional aircraft has completed crosswind testing at Iceland’s Keflavik International Airport.

A result of a strategic partnership between Comac and U.K.-headquartered component specialist AJW Group, which facilitated the tests, the program lasted for around five weeks.

The aircraft itself was present for four weeks, with familiarization flights, test preparation flights and test flights lasting for three of these, according to AJW. It also confirmed the required crosswinds speed was achieved in the final three weeks of the testing process.

The aircraft was previously not certified to operate in crosswinds higher than 22kts. “Following the successful tests in Iceland the aircraft can now operate in crosswinds of up to 30kts during take-off and 27kts during landing,” an AJW spokesperson told via email.

AJW said it has worked with Comac on various projects over the past four years and it expects this to continue in future.

The aircraft entered into service in June 2016 with Chinese carrier Chengdu Airlines and has a backlog of 453 orders.

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