FL Technics To Offer CF34-3 Maintenance

Lithuania-based FL Technics has extended its portfolio to include support for CF34-3 engines. “The market of Western-built regional jets in the CIS [Commonwealth of Independent States] has only recently started developing,” commented Jonas Butautis, CEO at FL Technics, adding that “the local MRO support for these aircraft is still underdeveloped”. FL Technics has already received a set of engines from its first CIS-based CF34-3 customer, on which it will perform: fan blade repair and replacement; foreign object damage (FOD) compressor repair; non-destructive testing (NDT); and high-pressure turbine (HPT) module replacement, as well as other maintenance work. “The fact that our customers have entrusted us with their CF34-3 engines proves that we are moving in the right direction,” said Butautis. FL Technics will provide both shop visit and on-wing support.

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