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FlighPath Partners With Modest Tree For Long-Term VR Training

FlighPath plans to soon introduce online and virtual training coming for mechanics.

Canada’s FlightPath International will soon introduce Web-based computer training, as well as virtual and augmented reality training modules and elements, for aircraft mechanics, says Mike Giard, director of global sales and marketing. In the near future, FlightPath will offer 30-35 hours of general familiarization Web-based training for mechanics on all the types it supports. These include Boeing 737NGs, 757s, 767s and 777s, Airbus A310s, A320s and A330-340s, Bombardier CRJs and Q400s and Embraer 170s, 175s, 190s and 195s.

Virtual and augmented modules and elements will also be introduced sometime in 2019. “We have been purposely waiting for virtual reality technology to stabilize before venturing into this realm,” Giard explains. Now, Flightpath has partnered with a virtual reality provider, Halifax’s Modest Tree. “We think they will be able to grow and adapt with us on technology changes for at least the next 10 years.”

There should be plenty of work for both companies. FlightPath delivers type training on most commercial aircraft and every discipline. It has conducted training for more thanb 150 airlines in 60 countries and is the Bombardier-authorized technical training provider for CRJs.

The company does ATA level 1 general familiarization, level 2 ramp and transit, and level 3 type courses including EASA B1-B2 and engine ground-run training on all types. It also offers specialty courses on reduced vertical separation minimum, electrical wiring interconnect systems, all-weather operations and other topics.

As a Canada-based training organization, FlightPath used the current hybrid of hours-based and competencies-required curriculum model. This, “seems to work fine,” Giard says.

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