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Florida Mod Specialist Added To AEI Conversion Center Network

AEI approves fifth global company to carry out passenger-to-freighter work.

Flightstar Aircraft Services, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, has formally become an authorized conversion center for passenger-to-freighter (PTF) specialist Aeronautical Engineers’ (AEI).

The move, according to AEI, is driven by a need for greater capacity for its PTF conversion programs.

It currently covers the Boeing 737-400SF, McDonnell Douglas MD80 and the Bombardier CRJ200, with plans to extend to the 737-800 aircraft type later this year.

Work on the jets is carried out worldwide across four authorized conversion centers comprised of Commercial Jet in Miami, Commercial Jet Services in Dotham, Alabama, KF Aerospace in Kelowna, Canada and Boeing Shanghai Aviation Services in China.

AEI said Flightstar was chosen due to its experience in PTF modifications.

It now plans to establish one line of PTF conversions at its Jacksonville facility in May when it commences with a 737-400 freighter conversion for San Francisco-based owner Vx Capital Partners.

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