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FLYDocs Advances Paperless MRO Ecosystem

The software specialist will integrate with AMOS at the operations of Swiss and its sister company Edelweiss Air.

Swiss, which flies a mixed fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft, and its sister carrier Edelweiss Air, which flies 15 Airbus aircraft, recently signed a five-year contract with FLYdocs for ongoing aircraft data and records management. FLYDocs chief marketing officer Katrina Dixon says a full digital scan of the two operators’ historical paper and documents, along with a FLYdocs quality audit, will take about six to seven months.

Distinctively, FLYdocs has also been integrated with the AMOS maintenance management software used by Swiss and Edelweiss. AMOS is made by Swiss-AS, which, like the two airlines, is part of the Lufthansa Group.

This integration of digital records management and digital maintenance management brings some significant synergies. “With the two platforms working together, airlines and MRO service providers can automatically link maintenance and engineering work packages with a digital record of their associated data and records,” Dixon explains. “It’s then possible to access in real-time the latest verified data for airworthiness compliance and quality audits.”

The integration was developed in accordance with ATA standards. For airworthiness, AMOS will automatically export Spec2500-compliant reports on airworthiness directives, service bulletins, modification status, component listings and repairs as soon as these are uploaded from an MRO, a line station or other locations. Once in FLYdocs, this data gives users real-time compliance reports on their fleet.

The AMOS users at Swiss and Edelweiss will also be able to transfer planned, open and closed work packages and work orders to FLYdocs, which will attach associated documents so engineers can perform tasks more efficiently.

The FLYdocs CMO says her software has the capability to interface with any MRO management platform. It currently works with TRAX, Maintenix, Ultramain and Wings, among others. With AMOS, the tight integration was achieved by creating a customized, user-friendly application program interface to share data. “FLYdocs is very much open to working with other leading maintenance and engineering systems to create a similar bespoke interface, as we have done with AMOS.”

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