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Friday’s Fast 5: SR Technics Talks Retooling

Jose Olano, head of aircraft support and training at SR Technics, discusses how the MRO has retooled and retrained its operation.

1. What have been some challenges faced when SR Technics has retooled its equipment and set up for new aircraft/engine types?

Recent challenges in the industry include stricter requirements for type approvals, as well as new demands among both carriers and passengers for modern cabin layouts and inflight services. To carry out new and sophisticated cabin modifications, technical know-how is obviously important, but engineering and planning expertise is becoming more and more critical to the process. However, the greatest challenge for MROs today is going in and getting the job done quickly but efficiently in order to minimize ground time. The cabin installations can be very complex, and with an experienced in-house team of experts coordinating the needed activities simultaneously, we at SR Technics focus on minimizing the time needed for installations, ensuring on-time delivery.

2. What are some examples of SR Technics retooling its operation in recent years?

This year, SR Technics has done several new major cabin modifications at its Zurich facilities. Based on years of experience working with clients who are eager to minimize both costs and ground time, we have incorporated the principles of “lean” to all of the aircraft service functions within our organization. The goal is to maximize the value for our customers while minimizing both costs and the resources required to finish the job.

3. What about retraining staff in order to get up to speed with the new aircraft/engine types? Does this present any challenges?

One recent development is that SR Technics is preparing an application for Boeing 777 base maintenance approval. Part-147 type training for Category B1, B2 and A is underway and will be finished by the end of August 2016. The goal is for our professionals to be ready to go once we receive the base maintenance approval for the Boeing 777, which should be at the end of September 2016.

4. How does SR Technics approach retraining maintenance technicians?

We have a process for continuation training to keep our specialists fully up-to-date on the latest in both aircraft type-approval requirements and maintenance procedures. Some of our training is now web-based, but we still utilize the classroom setting, depending on the contents and group size.

5. What are some examples of how it has undertaken retraining?

Our customers rely on the flawless quality of our work. We are continuously focusing on quality and therefore on our safety management system. Considering the fact that communication is one of the most important human-factors aspects related to learning, we are using classroom- rather than web-based training to ensure that the important messages of safety and quality are properly addressed and understood. The focus of this kind of course is a real example of how to increase quality, safety and awareness in every aspect of our maintenance operations.  

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