With Further Expansions Imminent, Monarch Targets Middle East Customer Base.jpg Monarch Aircraft Engineering

With Further Expansions Imminent, Monarch Sees Middle East Demand Increasing For Line Work

The MRO is expecting to add more UK-based line stations this year while exploring potential partnerships with Middle Eastern service providers.

Monarch Aircraft Engineering says it will factor in growing line maintenance demand from Middle Eastern airline customers when it expands its line station network this year.

David Doherty, commercial director of the independent MRO, says that rather than setting up new locations in the Middle Eastern region, where it currently has five airline customers on its books including Qatar Airways and Emirates, Monarch will instead focus on making customers aware of its expanding footprint in the UK at stations which they currently serve.  

“Based on the implementation of our line maintenance growth plan, we are looking at increasing our UK footprint at a number of stations which will be announced shortly,” he tells MRO-Network.com. “Many of these stations are served by the large Middle East carriers so we would be looking to extend our current agreements with them.”

This year will see a continuation of its line station strategy, which around one year ago, saw Monarch announce new locations at its UK home base in Edinburgh to service Airbus A320neo and Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, and also in Europe with a new line station in Nice to cater for 787 operators.

With new line stations at the yet to be confirmed locations imminent, Monarch is also exploring potential partnerships with service providers in the Middle East. It is currently looking at developing a partnership with a regional services provider that will allow Monarch to offer Part-145 support to its base maintenance customers in the region without the operational inconvenience of a long ferry flight.

“This would allow MAEL to offer heavy maintenance services at our UK facilities while still offering regional support for smaller, shorter inputs,” Doherty says.

Along with Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 support for Emirates and Qatar respectively from its Birmingham operation, the maintenance provider also supports FlyDubai with its Part-21 design team. Two unnamed carriers in the region are the recipients of heavy maintenance and training support.

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