GA Telesis Adds Croatian Airline To iGEAR Program.jpg GA Telesis

GA Telesis Adds Croatian Airline To iGEAR Program

Trade Air will gain access to engine and airframe component services along with component exchange program.

GA Telesis, the Florida-headquartered aftermarket provider, will support Croatian passenger and charter carrier Trade Air with rotable component flight-hour support as part of its Intelligent Global Engine and Airframe Replenishment (iGEAR) program.

Under the terms of the agreement, GA Telesis will initially cover one Airbus A320 aircraft in the Trade Air fleet from its UK-based support center located in Bournemouth.

The contract, running for an undisclosed time period, will also give Trade Air access to engine nacelle and flight control exchange programs through GA Telesis’ Strategic Nacelle Access Pool and Aircraft Flight Control Surface Support programs respectively.

The iGEAR program for airlines and aircraft operators was launched by GA Telesis last year under the management of its specialist parts division, GA Telesis Component Solutions Group.

The program gives customers access to rotable inventory and live AOG support.

Jason Reed, president of GA Telesis’ Component Solutions Group, said: “Our service offerings continue to make it easy for customers like Trade Air to take advantage of a seamless inventory management solution while operating their fleet with the highest levels of reliability.”

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