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GA Telesis to Tear-Down Two 737s

The disassemblies are commencing in Marana, Arizona and some parts will go to the company's UK and U.S. distribution facilities.

Just days after announcing the disassembly of a fleet of 777s to support the used material market, GA Telesis has acquired two Boeing 737-700s aircraft for tear-down.

The 737NG disassemblies are commencing in Marana, Arizona. Key components will route to GA Telesis’s UK- and US-based distribution facilities.

The inventory will support the GA Telesis’ iGEAR, SNAP and ACCESS programs. It will also be used as day-to-day sales requirements for the company’s worldwide airline and MRO customers.

“We are only in February and already have ten aircraft committed for disassembly. These two additional aircraft substantiate our leadership position in the USM market,” says David Dicken, vice president of GA Telesis Airframe Solutions Group. “

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