GAMECO Goes Digital For Mechanic Licensing Exam

The Chinese repair specialist said the development took eight months, in line with CAAC guidance.

In order to maintain a leading position in mechanic licensing examinations in China, GAMECO has had to be innovative. After making a detailed plan, GAMECO applied to the Civil Aviation Administration of China’s Maintenance Personnel License Examination Management Center for permission to develop a paperless skill license examination site and received approval in April of 2018.

The paperless examination was put into operation at GAMECO on January 29 and 30, 2019, and managers say performance is as excellent as expected.

GAMECO independently developed its own examination management system and an exam-questions template based on Microsoft Office software. Administration by an authorized network server enables key capabilities such as confidentiality of exam questions, intelligent exam processes, paperless evaluation of student responses and access to electronic archives.

Managers say it took about eight months of coding, constant debugging and improvement to put the paperless exam in place.

Now, managers say full implementation of paperless mechanic licensing exams improves efficiency significantly and reduces human errors during the examination process. Moreover, use of paperless licenses for basic-skill examination is in line with the direction of future development encouraged by CAAC. It also keeps GAMECO in the forefront in both intelligent exam administration and in the operation of digital exams.

TAGS: Workforce Asia
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