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GAMECO Simplifies Guangzhou Customs Clearance

GAMECO worked with Guangzhou Customs in China to make the customs clearance process paperless, which is streamlining the process.

The long march toward more efficient MRO through digitized paper documents not only involves maintenance documents, but documents created by other organizations that MROs and their customers need to complete. That is why it is important that GAMECO has printed its first bill of customs clearance from an online document created by the Guangzhou Customs authority. “This marks the final step in paperless reform of Guangzhou Customs, and Guangzhou Customs has fully realized paperless documentation and on-line processing,” says a GAMECO manager.

In recent years the Chinese MRO and Chinese customs officials have worked on various Internet-customs reform pilot tests. These have include a single-window paperless declaration, a self-reported and self-paid data test, a China-Europe secure and smart trade project, and paperless pre-declaration test and tariff guarantee insurance. Each pilot test has been successful and has been implemented throughout Guangzhou.

“The implementation of a number of customs reforms has greatly streamlined customs clearance and saved a lot of customs declaration and cargo warehouse fees for enterprises,” a GAMECO manager says. “GAMECO pioneered the use of the new policy and enjoyed the shortened customs clearance period, which brings benefits to both GAMECO and GAMECO's customers.”

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