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GE Wales To Lead GE9X Support

GE Aviation has chosen its Welsh facility to provide MRO services for the forthcoming GE9X, the successor to the GE90.

The news will come as a relief to the more than 1,400 workers at the overhaul plant near Cardiff, where job cuts were threatened two years ago.

It also boosts the British government, which can point to a big foreign company choosing to invest further in the UK despite Brexit.

GE Wales is part of an aerospace sector worth about £10bn ($13bn) per year to Britain, if one excludes airlines and airports.

Much of that value is in manufacturing, which is shielded from any potential post-Brexit tariffs by the 1980 Plurilateral Agreement on Trade in Civil Aircraft, which eliminates duties on all civil aircraft and their components.

However, the agreement does not cover MRO services, though GE’s new investment suggests it is confident that that these won’t be subject to tariffs either.

GE Aviation Wales is located in Nantgarw, a region that voted by 53% to leave the European Union.

Gearing up the facility up to lead GE’s entry-into-service programme for the GE9X – the engine for the 777X – will cost £20m over five years, a quarter of which will come from the Welsh government.

“The GE9X will be the world’s largest engine and I’m incredibly proud that just as with the GE90 almost two decades ago, GE Aviation Wales has been chosen as the MRO facility,” said the site’s managing director, La-Chun Lindsay.


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