Green Streak: Recent Environmentally Products And Procedures

Photoluminescent Exit Signs

The exit sign by Lufthansa Technik is made out of a self-illuminating and aging-resistant material, completely eliminating the need for replacing the sign (others are replaced every seven years). Lufthansa Technik adds this product to its GuideU system, which also features non-electrical floor path marketing systems.

Photo Credit: Lufthansa Technik

Airbus A320 Cockpit Side Windows

The Federal Aviation Administration announced approval for PPG to repair sliding and aft fixed cockpit windows for the Airbus A320 family.. The slide windows have glass panels and retainers that come as complete assemblies. The approved procedure replaces the glass panels with the PPG window panels, but reuses and refurbishes frame retainers, either from PPG or other suppliers.

Photo Credit: PPG

Henkel And TerraCycle Anaerobic Adhesives Recycling Program

As the first recycling solution for anaerobic adhesives, Henkel and TerraCycle partnered to give customers the option to use a postage-paid recycling box to fill with empty Loctite adhesive containers. The package goes to TerraCycle, where the containers are thermally treated, then turned into new plastic products. Companies interested in participating should contact their local Loctite distributor or visit Henkel’s recycling page.

Photo Credit: TerraCycle

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