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GSE Products And Services For MROs, Airlines and Airports

See products, equipment and services to ensure smooth ground support operations for airlines and airports.

1. PCA Hose Units

Company: ITW GSE


Credit: ITW GSE

Specifications: ITW GSE supplies ground power units, preconditioned air (PCA) units and ground support equipment (GSE) accessories. Company brands include J&B Aviation, Hobart, ITW GSE Military, AXA Power and Houchin. J&B Aviation recently installed a PCA hose unit at Tan Son Nhat Airport in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The hoses and accessories are constructed of two-ply, heavy-duty and abrasion-resistant vinyl-coated fabric with moisture-proof insulation between plies. The flat duct is available in diameters of 8, 10, 12 and 14 in., and is tolerant to temperatures between -40F and 275F.

2. GPUs and Lavatory Service Carts

Company: Aero Specialties

Aero Specialties

Credit: Aero Specialties

Specifications: Aero Specialties provides aircraft ground support equipment for corporate, MRO, military, airline and general aviation customers. It recently introduced two new products, the JetGo 600Mti-RJ Ground Power Unit (GPU) and the Safe-Lav Lavatory Service System. The 28VDC JetGo 600Mti-RJ GPU, currently in demonstration and field testing, has features including hybrid battery-monitoring, industrial-grade Kubota diesel engines, rapid recharge with hybrid batteries for multiple engine starts and a failsafe-start 24-volt DC battery pack, available without running the engine, to prevent hot starts and damage to aircraft engines. The product launch will be finalized during EBACE in May. The Safe-Lav System uses a dedicated batching tank to avoid overfilling of the lavatory on the ground, which can cause damage to the lavatory, airframe and fuselage. The system can be installed on lavatory service carts and trucks or retrofit to units on-ground. Aero Specialties also provides towbars and heads, oxygen and nitrogen systems, stairs and stands, tractors, tugs, hydraulic service systems and ramp safety equipment.

3. New and Used GSE





Specifications: Aviation GSE is a global distributor and supplier of new and used aircraft GSE. Products include aircraft tugs, towbars and heads, jacks and stands, hydraulics, GPUs, and GSE repair and servicing. The distributor, whose parent company is Carolina GSE, also offers tractors such as the Eagle TT-8/TT-12 diesel-unit AWD Aircraft Tug with a three-year/3,000-hr. warranty, the JETporter JP30 Towbarless Electric Aircraft Tug with a two-year limited manufacturer’s warranty, and distribution of Tronair support equipment. Customers include American Airlines, Piedmont Airlines, SkyWest Airlines and PSA Airlines. At the end of 2016, GSE signed an agreement for a repair and service center for the line of Tronair GSE. also has iPhone/iPad applications to provide parts support, chat and an aircraft GSE reference guide.

4. Platforms and Lifts

Company: ModTruss

Mod TrussModTruss

Credit: ModTruss

Specifications: ModTruss manufactures modular building systems for maintenance platforms, tail docks and equipment lifts. Originally established to service the entertainment industry, ModTruss’s systems have expanded to many others, including the aviation market. The reconfigurable pieces of the trussing systems can be redesigned for multiple airframe types and easily stored when not in use. Configuration uses for aircraft include the Embraer 190 and 195, Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk and Boeing 737, 747 and 767s. ModTruss has also developed a Stackable Shoring Block to allow aircraft of any size to rest during the landing gear removal process. Aerospace design teams are also able to use a free SketchUp software to develop customized designs with ModTruss’s key components in a 3D warehouse.

5. Ensuring the Tarmac Is Clear

Company: The FOD Control Corp. 

FOD Control Corporation

Credit: FOD Control Corp.

Specifications: The FOD Control Corp. designs, manufactures and distributes foreign object damage/debris (FOD) control products. Product highlights include the FOD-Razor Airport Runway Sweeper and the FODBuster, a mechanical brush system that sweeps up broken pavement chunks, aircraft maintenance debris and ramp-service litter. The light trailer weighs 780 lb. and can be towed by most ground support vehicles. The company also offers FOD disposal products, including attachable sweeping mats and the FOD and Fuel Caddy to store hazardous materials and waste. Customers include airports, airlines, aerospace, manufacturing and automotive proving-ground sectors.

6. Tows for All Weights

Company: TNA–Aviation Technologies

Credit: TNA–Aviation Technologies

Specifications: TNA–Aviation Technologies exclusively distributes Flyer-Truck and TugMaxxe tugs for fixed-base operators, MROs, charter companies, airlines, hangar owners and airport authorities globally. Customers reduce hangar density and aircraft hangar damage by using TNA’s remotely operated tug vehicles (ROTV) electrical towbarless tugs. The TowFlexx C-Series 250-1000 is designed to move aircraft up to 220,000 lb., has a nose gear lifting capacity of 24,691 lb. and has been used to move aircraft such as the Boeing 737. TNA is working to launch an ROTV tug that costs under $10,000 and has launched the TowFlexx 120e HG and 180e HG tugs for jet centers, hangar operators, FBOs and MROs.

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