Gulfstream Faces $425k Penalty Over “Systemic Training Issues”

The FAA has proposed issuing Gulfstream Aerospace with a $425,000 penalty alleging that the OEM compromised safety by allowing mechanics who had not completed the required training to maintain aircraft.

FAA inspectors visited Gulfstream Aerospace in November 2009 and March 2010 and found that some mechanics had not completed the required training within the time limits stated in the FAA-approved training manual.

The regulator claims that the mechanics had missed “numerous training deadlines” and that the company’s training records were unclear as to what training had taken place.

When inspectors visited again in June 2010, Gulfstream had not taken sufficient action to address its “systemic training and recordkeeping issues”, stated the FAA.

“Training is a critical component of a safe aviation system,” said FAA administrator Michael Huerta. “Operators must ensure that mechanics meet all FAA training requirements before working on complex jet aircraft.”

Gulfstream Aerospace has 30 days to respond to the FAA's allegations.

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