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HAECO Launching Predictive Maintenance Platform

HAECO and Revima collaborate to design predictive maintenance tool for HAECO customers.

SINGAPORE—The HAECO Group is developing a platform called Insight to provide predictive maintenance for customers. HAECO is using Revima’s Flightwatching predictive maintenance tool, and its underlying Wilco platform, to develop Insight.

The companies signed a contract at MRO Asia-Pacific to partner on this endeavor.

The new tool will first be used for aircraft maintenance checks, and the second phase will include predictive maintenance for components and parts, as well, says Richard Kendall, HAECO Group director airframe services.

"We could use it for nose-to-tail maintenance" eventually, explains Kendall, but HAECO wants to develop the tool in stages. "We wan to walk first before we run," he adds.

Kendall says HAECO has a launch customer but he could not disclose its name.

Flightwatching, which is a Web-based data analytics tool with a patented aircraft remote diagnostic feature, will be customized to meet HAECO’s requirements—including the dashboard displays, says Olivier Legrand, Revima Group president and CEO.

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