HAECO’s Taikoo Shop Looking Forward to 747-8 Landing Gear Overhauls.jpg HAECO

HAECO’s Taikoo Shop Looking Forward to 747-8 Landing Gear Overhauls

Company became first in the world to provide the 747-8 services earlier this year.

Last month, HAECO announced that its subsidiary Taikoo (Xiamen) Landing Gear Services, had completed its first Boeing 747-8 landing gear repair and overhaul. Indeed, the Taikoo shop was the first MRO in the world to provide this service for 747-8.

Lutz Wierschin, general manager of HAECO Landing Gear Services, says his shop performs all HAECO Group’s landing gear overhauls in Asia-Pacific. And he is looking for forward to more work. “The removal schedule for Boeing 747-8s will start around 2019 to 2020,” Wierschin says. However, “airlines have not yet confirmed detailed schedules.”

About 118 747-8s have been delivered, and Asia-Pacific carriers are prominent among operators. Nippon Cargo, Cathay Pacific, Korean Air and Air China all fly 747-8s, 46 in all. The biggest operator, with 19 747-8s, is Lufthansa. Presumably, many of the giant aircraft based in other regions, in either passenger or cargo configuration, fly to Asia and could easily be supported there.

The overhaul of a 747-8 landing gear takes about 60 days. For most of landing gear types HAECO repairs, it can provide spare gear during repairs. In addition to the 747-8, HAECO also overhauls landing gear for 737s and 777s, obviously plentiful in Asia-Pacific.

At present, HAECO does not overhaul landing gear for Airbus or other OEMs’ models.

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