Heston MRO Moves into Component Services

The Australia-based independent's new division will begin with Boeing 737NG parts offering.

Australian maintenance provider Heston MRO has expanded its capabilities beyond line maintenance by launching a new component and material services business.

The company has ambitions to become a multi-service total technical care provider for airlines and lessors. Its new parts division will begin by focusing on components trading, repair, exchanges and leasing for its customer base across the Australasia and South West Pacific region.

The operation will be run from its Brisbane headquarters, which also serves as its main logistics and personnel base. The company will be following customers to different locations in the region for parts stock and placements through a case by case approach, says Jonas Butautis, a partner in parent group Heston Aviation, told Aviation Week.

To begin, Heston has focused investment on Boeing 737 new generation parts and materials. In the near future, it plans to expand into Airbus A320 aircraft components along with other aircraft platforms with capabilities in place to scale up services depending on demand.

“Adding components and materials services is an organic step towards the strategic goal of becoming a total technical care partner for our customers in Australasian and Pacific Islands region," says Paul Popow, head of components at Heston MRO.

Over the next 12 months, the existing parts services will evolve into in-house repair capabilities for the most frequently removed items from an aircraft. According to Heston MRO, this will provide the base for flat rate exchanges, fixed price repairs, and power by the hour services.

Later this year, it also plans to achieve certification for engine on-wing technical capabilities so it can offer that services to airlines, leasing companies and OEMs across the region.

Heston MRO was announced earlier this year after Aircraft Maintenance Services Australia (AMSA), a former subsidiary of SIA Engineering specializing in line maintenance, was acquired by Heston Aviation in late 2018.

The company has line stations at all major Australian airports, including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide, in addition to its Brisbane base.


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