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Honeywell Boosts Its Shanghai Avionics Repair Capabilities

According to the company, expansion will mean its Chinese customers will not need to transfer aircraft to Honeywell sites in America or Singapore for repair.

The Honeywell Avionics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has upgraded its product repair capabilities to provide quicker turnaround time for repairs, as well as more convenient customer communication and more effective technical support for a variety of Honeywell avionics components.

Honeywell's popular TPA100D traffic alert and collision avoidance system (TCAS) and RDR4000 IntuVue 3D weather radar are among the avionics components that will benefit from Honeywell Avionics Shanghai's improved repair capabilities, the company says.

According to Honeywell Avionics Shanghai, its expansion will mean its Chinese customers will not need to transfer aircraft to Honeywell sites in America or Singapore for repair: timely technical support in China will be available immediately.

The company estimates that, on average, its repair turnaround time for avionics components will be reduced by more than 60 percent.

Additionally, Honeywell Avionics Shanghai says its expanded service center will provide one-stop capability for avionics MRO services within the region, allowing customers to reduce their inventories of spare avionics units and lowering their costs.

Its expanded services will help operators reduce maintenance time and save on cost, according to Honeywell Avionics Shanghai.

“There are big opportunities in the region's maintenance, repair and overhaul market. According to ICF International's MRO Forecast and Market Trend, the Asia Pacific MRO market is expected to nearly double to approximately $32.2 billion by 2025, at 6 percent per annum,” says Brian Davis, vice president, airlines, Asia Pacific for Honeywell Aerospace.

“In the Asia Pacific region, Honeywell has seven aftermarket service sites,” notes Davis. “Honeywell is committed to improving our operating and repair capabilities to provide local customers with better support in the Asia Pacific aviation market.”

Honeywell Avionics Shanghai's move to upgrade its MRO capabilities supports the predictions made in the latest Aviation Week Fleet and MRO Forecast, which expects that the biggest share of MRO work in the Asia-Pacific region in forthcoming years will be in component maintenance.

Aviation Week's forecast estimates that component maintenance will represent 39% of all MRO activity in the Asia-Pacific region, compared with a 26% share for engine maintenance and a 20% share for line maintenance.

The expected dominance of component MRO in the Asia-Pacific region runs counter to an overall industry MRO trend for engine maintenance to drive a dominant share of MRO spending globally.

Many Boeing and Airbus fleets throughout the Asia-Pacific region are outfitted with Honeywell's TPA100D TCAS and RDR4000 IntuVue 3D weather radar units, according to the company.

Air China, China Eastern Airlines, 9 Air and Chengdu Airlines are among the Chinese airlines whose fleets are equipped with Honeywell's IntuVue 3D weather radar.

Honeywell Avionics Shanghai was founded in 2005. Its avionics diagnostic and repair equipment includes an ATEC 6 Series Test Station certified by the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the FAA and EASA.

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