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Honeywell Secures Hainan and Qingdao Airlines Contracts

Agreements were announced this week at Airshow China 2018.

Honeywell has signed an agreement with Hainan Airlines for the company’s GoDirect Connected Maintenance service, along with the regional asset exchange program and auxiliary power units (APU) at Airshow China 2018. This will also make the Chinese carrier the launch customer for Honeywell’s GoDirect Connected Maintenance service.

The agreement also covers the sales of 131-9A APU for Hainan’s 55 Airbus A320neo and a ten-year regional asset exchange program for the APU. The carrier also opted for a ten-year APU service agreement for 50 of its Boeing B737 MAX and set up an in-house repair capability and regional asset exchange program for its 82 Airbus A330.

On November 6, Qingdao Airlines also signed with Honeywell to supply 131-9A APU for the airline’s new fleet of 24 Airbus A320neo, and including the provision of repair and maintenance service for the APUs over twelve years. The repair works will be carried out by Honeywell TAECO Aerospace (Xiamen) Co. Ltd, which Honeywell says will help Qingdao “reduce shipping costs and shorten its aircraft repair time.

“As a newer airline in a modern and fast-paced market, we need to stay competitive to grow. This means providing exceptional service to passengers, maintaining high fleet efficiency and keeping operational costs down,” said Qingdao Airlines vice president, Zhang Fang in a statement. “In particular, Honeywell’s auxiliary power units and maintenance programs have contributed greatly to our company’s high performance and rapid growth."

The carrier recently inducted its first pair of A320neo on October 25.

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