IATA Unveils New Method To Assess Fatality Risk

Safety report from IATA uses new tool to calculate fatality risk for commercial flights, which remains very low.

This figure—0.10—is the “fatality risk” per million flights for the commercial air transport sector in 2015 as calculated by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The association’s latest annual safety report includes this new risk-measurement tool, calculated by dividing the number of “full-loss equivalents”—the percentage of people onboard killed in fatal accidents—by the number of total flights. The number of full-loss equivalents in 2015 was 3.72, stemming from four fatal accidents. The 2015 fatality risk equates to one per 10 million flights. “Put another way, if someone were to take a flight every day, he or she could expect to experience a catastrophic accident sometime within the next 2,700 years,” IATA says. 


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