IFS Expands Footprint With FAA

IFS says it is expanding its footprint within the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) by signing a contract for 300 additional IFS Applications users for the Flight Inspection Services (FIS), Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Group in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. In 2010, IFS Applications were selected to underpin the Logistics Centre Support System (LCSS), replacing the FAA’s existing Logistics and Inventory System used at its distribution, warehousing and repair facility housed at the Federal Aviation Administration Logistics Center (FAALC). The FAA is now extending LCSS MRO and fleet operations software to FIS. FIS operates and maintains a fleet of 30 uniquely equipped aircraft that provide in-flight evaluation of both civil and military navigational aids in support of the National Airspace System (NAS). Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering provides maintenance and modification services at Mike Monroney Aeronautical Centre and to other US and foreign government aircraft flight programmes and operators.

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