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Indonesian Carrier Extends ATR Coverage

The ATR fleet of domestic airline TransNusa will continue to be serviced by the turboprop manufacturer.

TransNua Air Services has extended its global maintenance agreement (GMA) coverage with ATR for its fleet of five turboprop aircraft comprised of 42-500s and 72-600s.

The original GMA contract dates back to 2014 and initially covered two aircraft for repair, overhaul and pooling services of line replaceable units, propeller services, fuel nozzle services and on-site stock support in Indonesia.

No contract length was defined, but was described in an ATR statement released Friday (July 28) as being extended for “several additional years.”

Bayu Sutanto, managing director of  Nupang-headquartered TransNusa, said the airline’s decision to renew the agreement was partly influenced by the fact its fleet is set to more than double.

“As we have decided to introduce new ATR aircraft into our fleet, we want to ensure that we benefit from the aircraft manufacturer’s state-of-the-art expertise to ensure optimal daily operations,” he said.

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