Industry Presses FAA To Revise Final Inspection Guidance

After years of prodding, the FAA has promised to update anomalies in its inspector guidance regarding inspection personnel qualifications.

Flight Standards Information System (FSIMS) guidance incorrectly stated that a person performing a final inspection must hold a mechanic or repairman certificate. The Aeronautical Repair Station Association (ARSA) waged a seven-year campaign to get the language changed. ARSA Executive Director Sarah MacLeod made the original request in 2010, arguing that “while the association appreciates that most persons performing the final inspection are also qualified to issue the approval for return to service (and therefore must be certificated under Part 65), there are repair stations that separate the final inspection function from the approval for return to service.”

Credit: AdobeStock

The agency acknowledged the discrepancy in a subsequent response, but revisions were held up during Safety Assurance System implementation. In its latest letter, the agency said the errors had been “addressed and corrected . . . [and] will be published in the coming weeks.”



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