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JAV Technic Plans New Aircraft Capabilities

Jordanian MRO will look to add Boeing, Airbus and Embraer aircraft types.

JAV Technic plans to ramp up its aircraft repair approvals throughout this year by introducing new capabilities for Airbus and Boeing narrowbodies as well as Embraer aircraft.

The Amman-based maintenance provider, which specializes in airframe repair, along with services for wheels and brakes and certain composite service, currently covers the Airbus A320, A330, Boeing 737 and 767.

Zuhair Al Khashman, president and CEO of JAV Technic, says it plans to expand these aircraft types by the end of 2018 to include Airbus A320s fitted with CFM56-5B and V2500 engines, along with Boeing 737NG aircraft and Embraer aircraft.

Rather than the Middle East being a source of demand for its maintenance work, Al Khashman, says a lot of business is currently emanating from North Africa and certain countries such as Armenia and Uzbekistan.

Geographically, he says JAV Technic will target more work in the Middle East along with Central and Eastern Europe once the capability expansions have been introduced and the company is able to better attract operators of those aircraft types.

“Setting up for the new capabilities will entail a lot of work as it means buying lots of new tools, materials and training and hiring new engineers” Al Kashman says. JAV currently employs 150 mechanics and technicians at its facility at the Jordanian capital’s Queen Alia International Airport, with around 100 support staff.

He adds that the company is also exploring the addition of new aircraft painting facilities in Amman, with the facility also expected by late 2018.

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