JJA Aviation Will Treble Capacity At New Home

South Florida-based repair station for instruments and avionics is moving into a 30,000 square feet facility in September.

JJA Aviation will move its existing instruments and avionics repair operation in Miramar, Florida to a new 30,000 square feet facility close to Miami International Airport in September – increasing its capacity threefold.

In an investment worth around $1.6 million, JJA Aviation will have a bigger space for parts inventory along with fine tuning some of its capabilities, according to company president Ramon Mompeller, who spoke to at ap&m Europe on Thursday (May 31).

“The new facility will give us more space around the pneumatic and hydraulic component sides of our operation,” Mompeller says. “We already hold strong capabilities in avionics so we are going to look to further develop in these areas. Mompeller says JJA Aviation is particularly strong in work centered on the Boeing 777, and it has also recently added 737 MAX capabilities. While yet to start work on 787 aircraft, he sees opportunities for the widebody as a result of the company developing its pneumatic capabilities.

The company plans to start moving from its existing facility in late July, in order to be up and running by the protracted late September date.

Human investments are also being planned, says Mompeller, with JJA Aviation looking to double its workforce from 35 to more than 70 staff at the new facility, with new additions planned in technical, office and sales roles.

“We will do this recruitment step by step and will hopefully have this completed by 2019,” he says.

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