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KF Aerospace Added To AEI Conversion Center Network

Canadian maintenance provider becomes fourth company to join AEI's PTF program.

Aeronautical Engineers (AEI) has selected Canada-based KF Aerospace to become the fourth company to join its network of authorized conversion centers.

According to AEI, the latest addition is driven by a need for additional conversion capacity to service growing demand.

Initially, KF Aerospace will set up one line of passenger-to-freighter conversions for AEI starting in April with the commencement of a B737-400 freighter conversion.

As of February 2017, AEI has three active authorized conversion centers, including Miami-based Commercial Jet, Commercial Jet Services in Alabama and Boeing Shanghai Aviation Services located in China.

AEI currently runs passenger-to-freighter programs for the Boeing 737-400SF, McDonnell Douglas MD80SF, Bombardier CRJ200SF and a forthcoming offering for the Boeing 737-800SF aircraft. 

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