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KLM UK Engineering Getting More Innovative

New innovation team will start next month.

KLM UK Engineering is starting a new innovation team next month to be led by Alan Sumption, who currently is supply chain manager. Sumption says the MRO has always been keen to innovate but the emphasis can sort go on and off, and ideas don’t get completed based on day-to-day priorities that arise.

Because of this, KLM UK Engineering decided to create a dedicated team, which will collaborate with internal and external sources.

The first project will be something “very visual,” a 6S project to streamline the hangar, says Sumption. “We maintain multiple aircraft types and have a lot of tooling, which we need tidy up,” he says.

With this first innovation project, the MRO hopes to set the scene and then tackle other core problems the technical staff faces, he says.

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