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LEAP Engine in Aero Norway's Thoughts

The independent engine specialist also expects to induct more than 100 CFM56 engines this year.

ISTANBUL--Aero Norway will look to bring CFM LEAP engine capabilities into its offerings from 2023 to 2024 once the CFM56 engines it repairs have reached their shop visit peak.

Speaking at Aviation Week Network’s Aero Engines Europe conference in Istanbul, Rune Veenstra, chief business officer at Stavanger-based Aero Norway, which specializes in CFM56 family engine repairs, says the company is looking at future investments and the LEAP is one engine type it is considering.

For commercial aircraft engines, Aero Norway currently repairs the CFM56 family model and is set to induct 102 of the engines this year consisting of -3, -5 and -7 engine types. This is up from last year's 80 engine inductions due to increased production capabilities.

Right now, Veenstra cites turnaround times as a challenge associated with the engines, particularly its -5B and -7B variants.

However, availability of parts for the -3 engines is also a challenge. "On this engine, which is fading out from service, we see that some of the parts aren't available on the market so the prices for some of its parts are going up," he says.

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