Libyan Uses Lufthansa Systems To Optimise Operations

Libyan Airlines has selected a package of Lufthansa Systems aeronautical solutions, signing a five-year contract for the ‘Lido/Flight’ flight planning solution as well as the ‘Lido/RouteManua’l and the ‘Lido/eRouteManual’ navigation charts. The Lido/Flight technology covers flight planning and offers options for flight time, fuel consumption and flight costs. It calculates the most suitable route for each flight taking into account weather conditions, total weight and availability of airways, leading to fuel savings of up to five per cent, according to Lufthansa Systems. Lido/RouteManual chart solution and Lido/eRouteManual will provide the airline with navigation charts for take-off and landing as well as airport and route charts. The charts can be updated weekly or downloaded for the latest version.

TAGS: Technology
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